Operational Improvement Services

Azimuth Solutions Inc. is pleased to offer the following services strategic to successfully leveraging industrial automation technology to enhance existing facility operation in the hydrocarbon production, processing, and transportation industries.

  • Collaborative identification and development of automation enabled operational and business process optimization opportunities both within and external to Integrated Operations initiatives
  • Collaborative development of key performance indicator (KPI) reporting & visualization in support of Operations Excellence initiatives
  • Management of operational enhancement projects
  • Brown-field implementation of Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Human Factors design best practices into control room design, control room console and console graphics design, and alarm system design to enhance control panel operator, and operations team situational awareness
  • Alarm management program initiation and implementation
  • Alarm rationalization workshops and “bad actor” resolution
  • Technical representation in:
    • HAZOP
    • Risk Assessment
    • Process Hazard Analysis
    • LOPA
    • SIL Assessment reviews
  • Facility & process unit trouble-shooting
  • Process control optimization & process unit de-bottlenecking
  • Automation Systems maintenance & disaster recovery planning
  • Automation Systems cyber security auditing and cyber security program development